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When you need innerspring mattresses for Fremont, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, contact the team at Mattress By Appointment Fremont. Our innerspring mattresses are available for much less than what you would find at the big box stores. Our inventory consists of various types of full-sized mattresses, including king mattresses and queen mattresses. 

When you visit our showroom, you will be able to test out a variety of mattresses to choose the best one. Make an appointment to see our showroom today by calling us at (419) 407-6963 or contact us online. Visit our blog to learn more about finding the perfect mattress for your sleeping tendencies.   

What Are the Benefits of an Innerspring Mattress?

When people think of innerspring mattresses, they may recall old mattress pop-ups that would sag, with coils poking their ribs. Innerspring mattresses have evolved a lot from that primitive stage, and now, they offer plenty of different benefits, including: 

Bounciness: Some people prefer bouncy beds because of the traditional feel they provide, but there are more tangible benefits than this. Having a bouncy mattress makes it easier to get in and out of bed and switch from one sleeping position to another. 

Breathability: Because of their construction, innerspring mattresses are more breathable. The space that lies between the coils makes it easier for air to circulate inside the mattress. In turn, this makes them cooler compared to a foam bed. 

No Distinct Odor: Innerspring mattresses do not have that much material in their comfort layer, meaning they are less likely to have a distinct odor. There are plenty of people who complain about off-gassing in foam or latex mattresses; that is not the case with innerspring mattresses. 

Innerspring King Mattresses for Fremont, Ohio

The typical dimensions of a king-size bed are 76 inches by 80 inches. King mattresses fit best in a spacious master bedroom, preferably at least 12 feet by 12 feet. King mattresses have the room to accommodate couples who share the bed with their children or pets. 

The components of an innerspring mattress combined with superior size makes innerspring king mattresses the right choice in Fremont, Ohio. 

Mattress By Appointment Fremont Offers Innerspring Queen Mattresses

At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, queen mattresses are suitable for couples who like sleeping closer together. A single person who wants more sleeping space may also choose a queen mattress. Although slightly smaller than king mattresses, queen mattresses still offer a lot of room. Combining space with the components of an innerspring mattress makes queen mattresses a great choice for many sleepers.

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